Fireline wood burning and multi-fuel stoves provide heating with patent pending advanced firebox and combustion technology developed exclusively at their Telford laboratory, which results in  their cleanest burning, most efficient stoves yet. Fireline wood burning stoves begin at 78% efficiency – where some other products peak – and rise to 81.5%. The combustion technology is developed to harness the unique Fireline designed air-wash as an integral part of the system and not just an add-on like some older designs of stove. The end result is a cleaner heat, cleaner home, cleaner flue and a cleaner, greener environment. Unlike some, we test, develop and evaluate performance at low air settings as well as high, which ensures that our stoves perform with the very best.

Key features of Fireline Stoves

  • 5mm and 8mm laser profiled and seam welded construction for strength and long life
  • Draught controlled tertiary air system
  • Stainless steel ashpan and fixings
  • Top quality cast iron door
  • Fully multi-function tool and stove gloves supplied with your purchase
  • Exceptionally large ceramic glass window
  • Easy servicing, often needing no tools
  • Interchangeable top or rear flue outlet
  • Powerful, effective airwash